10 Healing Foods for Good Health
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My Cancer Story…


tamaraAfter discovering that I had breast cancer in 2009 and being without health insurance, I was left with two options; alternative medicine or death.  This site is dedicated to my quest and how I healed myself of cancer using only alternative and natural treatments. I did NOT have surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

​I am dedicated  to helping people learn about alternative methods to healing disease without the use of drugs or surgery.  I am passionate about helping people achieve Optimum Health through God’s Pharmacy.

​My name is Tamara St. John; I have an M.B.A. with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance.  I am a Bestselling Author and an adjunct professor of Accounting and Finance at two Universities in Southern California.

My Bestselling book; “Defeat Cancer Now” tells my story, the alternative treatments I used, how the cancer cell works, and how cancer can be reversed naturally.  You can find my full Cancer story in my “Defeat Cancer Now” book; on sale now.


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10 Healing Foods for Good Health

Whole foods are an important part of a healthy diet that help our bodies to function at their best. There are many nutritious foods, but these ten have outstanding properties that help to support good…

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Pink ribbons are a ubiquitous symbol for breast cancer awareness and can be seen pasted on consumer goods of all types—clothing, jewelry, makeup, even body lotion and food like pizza. This pinkwashing seems like overkill…