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Tamara was born and raised in Southern California, but moved to New York City when she was 19 for fun and adventure. After three years on the east coast, she moved back to Southern California to complete college.  Tamara graduated with a Master's in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance.  

Right before graduation, Tamara became very ill with Cancer and being left without a job, insurance or much money, she set out to heal cancer naturally and succeeded.  This is ultimately what led her into a writing and publishing career.

Although Tamara has written two books on alternative health, she has just completed a children's book in hopes to give joy to children all over the world.


Tamara now resides in the Midwest and is loving the four seasons and conservative values in the bible belt.  In her spare time, Tamara enjoys hiking, going to rodeos, ice skating, amusement parks, travelling, wine tasting, and generally anything fun.  She always enjoys positive feedback, so feel free to email her if you like her work.

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