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Defeat Cancer Now

After Tamara St. John found Cancer in 2009, she started on an alternative plan to heal cancer naturally WITHOUT surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.  Tamara has conducted thousands of hours of research and experimentation to come up with a compatible treatment plan that heals cancer naturally and effectively.  Her "Defeat Cancer Now" plan focuses on strengthening the immune system to heal the body naturally using only nutrition, without the use of supplements or expensive fads.  What makes this book different from most others is that it is a personal account of the mistakes, the triumphs, and the experiments from someone who has actually healed cancer successfully.  You will find information in this book regarding which treatments are compatible and contradictory, so you won't make the fatal errors that are made by so many who jump into trying various alternative remedies without proper research.  You can achieve optimum health through God's Pharmacy and this book will show you how.

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