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The Quest Continues...

Like many of you who have been led to my page, chronic illness has completely affected my life. Many of you have already read my story from my first book Defeat Cancer Now, where I wrote about the cancer battle I experienced and how I healed naturally. My journey continues in my second book, Healing Through Detox, in which I share my continuing battle with chronic illness, which includes an overabundance of toxins, leaky gut, parasites, candida, biofilms, adrenal fatigue, and the list goes on.  My point is that the true path to health is a marathon, not a sprint.  It can take many years for someone to heal from chronic disease because it didn't happen overnight.  


I have been on a quest to heal my body naturally for more than ten years now. I can't say that any of it has been good, but it has been a learning experience.  I have been led by God to what would heal my body naturally.  Also, like many of you, I have literally spent thousands of dollars on worthless doctors and an endless supply of supplements which did not help my health at all and ended up draining my savings account. 


I got tired of focusing on health alone and wanted to create something fun to bring joy into the lives of children, so I wrote a children's book.  I am so excited to share with you this new journey I am on of writing fiction.  This world is a wild ride - LIVE IT!


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”Because of you & your book, I started on my journey back to natural health. I am now in remission of lupus & fibromyalgia. For just being the spring board in my life, I can't even begin to thank you enough!!! “  Vonda K.


“Two months cancer free now You and your book are a blessing from God.”  Michael T.

“Thank you for your work getting information to people that need it, it can be very confusing for people who want to go natural, my Mum just got results today, her stage 4 Lymphoma has shrunk and it is all through natural protocol, lots from your book, thank you so much.”  Pam Marshall

“BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT CANCER AND CANCER CURES, totally brilliant and so easy to understand, with no BS. Do not only buy this for yourself, recommend it to all you know, it’s that good.”  Richard


“I have a testimony! Look I referred a friend to get your book that was diagnosed with Cancer 2 months. He called me and asked me for help. I referred him to purchase your book and to do all of the cleansers you suggested. Guess what his Brother just called me and told me he went back to the doctor and they said that the cancer was gone. They didn't see any signs of the cancer. He did everything in your book. Thank you so much you are healing ppl all over the world. Love peace and blessings to you!” Drika B. 

“Thanks Tamara! I just received your book in the mail today. I'm already so encouraged, as I've been in this "cancer" fight for 10 years. I want to call you after I finish reading the entire book, so I can begin my daily health routine. It's a miracle that I'm still alive and I thank God for His grace and for the gift of you!”   LuWanna P

“This book is such an easy read! There are things in it that I question. So I do some research only to find out the information is accurate. I'm learning so much from Tamara St. John. Honestly, I believe everyone should read this, not just those with Cancer or other diseases. It's a great reference to avoid being sick in the first place.”  Lila L. 

“I used many of the protocols in your book to help me heal serious ailments (not cancer) and it changed my life forever. I always refer back to your book when its detox time and it works wonders. 10 years of doctors and specialists couldn't do for me what your book did. My husband is even starting the detox regimen in order to get healthier. You are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  Selena M.


“Thanks Tamara your book just saved my grandmothers life, she had breast cancer. We are from Jordan and I recommend everyone to use your book.” Samar J.

“Amazing book I have read it twice and cured my ibs and hormonal unbalance from her knowledge in the book. A got to have book!”  Lori Bond


“I followed Tamara's variety of treatments, but avoided committing to Budwig because of the warning about deviation from strict adherence. I saved it in case the other protocols failed. Results? The cancer specialist, at my last visit, could no longer see the cancer on her ultrasound. I'm still staying on the treatments. I REALLY wanted to thank Tamara for talking, in her book, about Melatonin. I am finally able to sleep deep refreshing sleep that I haven't experienced in years! Thank you Tamara! Your book is the most complete guide I've found yet.”  Zita Robinson

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