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I'm Back!

People have been asking where I have been as they haven't seen me too active on social media for quite a while. For the past few years, I have decided to lay low and focus more on my health challenges. When I had severe adrenal fatigue and stage 4 cancer, the stress and trauma response on my body was too much to handle and my organs somewhat shut down and stopped functioning in a normal capacity. My entire body has been surviving in "fight or flight" mode as opposed to being in a parasympathetic state where my body could function normally. It has been a difficult few years with both of my parents dying within 8 months of each other and moving over 1,600 miles away all within a year.

During this time, I had written another book, but didn't want to focus on health but I wanted to focus on fun and give some joy to children, so I wrote a children's book for 8-to-12-year old's. I am still healing from all the stress and trauma that illness and life caused to my body, but I am planning on being more active now with this blog, website and social media (although Facebook is a joke lately). I did have my website re-done, so you can check it out here at and I plan on making more changes in the coming months.

I am wishing you all a blessed New Year.


Tamara St. John


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